The Tools You Need To Skyrocket Your Business

If you want to take your online business to the next level, then you'll love this section.

Choosing the BEST marketing tools can be a crucial decision when it comes to success in our industry.

That's why I created the "Tools For Success" section, a curated list of the tools I used to generate $517,934 in sales and that I strongly recommend for optimizing your online business.

Important Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase one of the paid tools, I'll earn a small commission. The commission comes without any additional cost to you.

I know and trust every recommendation on this page. Many of the tools listed here are crucial to running my online businesses.

  • My Must-Have Tools:


Thrive Membership

Without a doubt, registering as a Thrive member was by far the best decision I've made with my online businesses and a huge part of my success. The following paragraph may look a bit salesy, but I'm standing behind every word. Keep in mind that my #1 intention is your success and not a tiny commission of a few dollars.

A Thrive Themes membership package is the most lucrative deal I recommend to all my clients. Why? Because by registering as a member, you're getting full access to the following powerful tools (Costs $756 if you buy each one of them alone):

Each tool comes with video tutorials and real-life templates, plus an active members forum. Also, the Thrive team update their tools extremely fast, providing new features based on current trends.

Sounds crazy, right? That's my definition for an "All in one" business package. The best part? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on tools, you can easily register as a Thrive member with an affordable price of $19/month. And if you ask me, it's worth way more than that.

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Whenever I start a new website, I host it on Bluehost. The reason for that, it's because they make the installation process so easy! With just a few clicks, you'll have a running WordPress blog with a registered domain. Also, the customer support is super-fast and friendly. If you have just started your online journey, Bluehost is the best cheap hosting you can get.

* In case you have a big audience I highly recommend transfering your website to a dedicated server or a bigger hosting. I'm currently using WebSynthesis ($47/month)


I've tried a bunch of different email list management services, and I always came back to Aweber, the simplest, yet most effective one. Also, the Aweber team have recently installed some powerful features that will help you with segmentation and automation. Speaking of the team, they definitely provide the best support to their customers.

  • Content promotion & Outreach Tools:

Gmass - (Freemium)

GMass is a new incredible tool that I came across lately. It's a Gmail integration that has super useful features which turn Gmail into an outreach monster. With GMass you can send thousands of personalized emails with ONE click, setup auto follow-up sequence emails, track opens and clicks and schedule automatic emails. Also, the tool connects with Google sheets and pulls out customized data to use in your outreach campaign. Keep in mind that I've only mentioned a small part of its features which are getting updated almost every week.

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Ninja Outreach - (From $49/month)

Today, if you want to scale your business, email outreach is probably the best way to do this. The problem? It can be messy, hard, and time-consuming. That's why you need a tool like Ninja Outreach. A blogger outreach tool that lets you find thousands of influencers in every niche and then contact them with proven premade templates. It provides some powerful features like auto-pilot mode, Instagram research, contact tracking, and segmentation, while leaving your outreach campaign clean and organized.

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Hunter - (Freemium)

Hunter is another time-saving tool that finds all the email addresses from a given website. By installing their Chrome extension, you'll be able to find website's email address with a single button click. Also, you can verify each email address and get a score of its reliability. As a growing company, Hunter's team are working every day to improve it and adding features like bulk tasks, lead management and more.

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BuzzSumo - (From $79/month)

BuzzSumo is a content promotion tool that gained a lot of momentum in the last two years. In my opinion, the reason for its fast growth is its brilliant features. With BuzzSumo you can find winning content ideas in a blink of an eye. Moreover, you can find specific sharers of chosen content and find key influencers in your niche. Some marketers (including me) are using this tool as an outreach research tool as I described in this post.

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  • Social Media Tools:

Post Planner - (From $9/month)

Post Planner is a smart social media marketing tool that lets you organize all your social accounts in one place. It measures your social posts' performance and shows you recommended content based on that. Then, you can schedule posting the best content to your audience based on Post Planner reports, which personally saves me a lot of time. If you are often engaging with your audience on social media, then I highly recommend testing this tool.

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Tailwind - (From $9.99/month)

If you are using Pinterest marketing, which is killing it in a few niches, then Tailwind is a must have tool for you. In my opinion, it's the BEST and the smartest scheduler for Pinterest. Nowadays, you can use it for Instagram too, but I haven't tested it yet. In short, this tool has a lot of powerful features to make the most out of Pinterest.

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  • SEO Tools:

SECockpit - (From $29/month)

SECockpit is probably the best keyword research tool on the market today. SwissMadeMarketing have put a lot of work into this tool to turn it into a keyword research beast. Personally, what I like about this tool, is the speed and the depth of the research process. I've tried many KW research tools, and SECockpit outranks each one of them in terms of response time and depth of results. For all the avid SEO ninjas out there, this tool is a must.

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YTCockpit - (From $17/month)

According to Cisco research, by 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content. With that being said, I highly recommend you start utilizing platforms like Youtube to expand your business's reach. YTCockpit is a YouTube keyword research tool, and if SECockpit has a slight degree of competition on the market, YTCockpit is way better than its competition. With this tool, you can quickly analyze first-page ranking video metrics like views, likes, comments, video length, and subscribers.

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SEMrush - (From $99.95/month)

Semrush is one of the few expensive tools that I can say without any doubt that is well worth the investment. With this tool, you get a comprehensive analysis of your competitors' keywords, paid & display advertising, backlinks and more. In my opinion, the BEST feature of Semrush is that you can see which keywords and pages generate the most traffic for your competitor. Leaving you with a ton of profitable keyword ideas in seconds.

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SerpBook - (From $12/month)

Over the years, as a marketer, I have tried a lot of rank trackers, and I've come to the conclusion that Serpbook is the best SEO rank tracker today. After 3 years of using Serpbook both for my clients and me, I can say that it's the most accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use rank tracker you could ever choose.

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  • Writing:

Grammarly - (Freemium)

Grammarly is a life-saving tool for me because as a non-native, blogging in English can be grammatically hard. But with Grammarly, I can write freely while it's checking my writing every second and reporting my mistakes. Yes, it won't make you a journalist in seconds, but it definitely improves your copy. Even if you won't purchase the premium version (which I highly recommend, even for natives) the free Chrome extension is still a must-have.

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