17 Actionable Tactics You Can Apply Now to Increase Website Traffic

Here’s the brutal truth about web traffic:

It’s not merely enough to publish outstanding content to increase your website traffic.

In fact: 

With 571 new websites every minute (According to Daily Mail), it’s almost impossible to get noticed with content alone.

But you have nothing to worry about…

…because today I’m going to show you 17 insanely actionable tactics to increase your website traffic immediately.

As you’re about to learn, these tactics will get you:

  • Thousands of new visitors
  • A lot of product sales
  • Tons of email subscribers
  • A bunch of social shares

So let’s begin.

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1. Drive Massive Traffic from Shopify Stores

As you may know, there’s big hype around eCommerce, and one of the most popular store platforms is Shopify.

What if I tell you that you can use those online stores to get traffic direct to your site?

All you need to do is to write a short product review.

The best part? 

With the following method, you can easily find the BIGGEST STORES around your niche and use their massive amount of traffic to promote your website.

Here’s how:

1. Go to myip.ms and put Shopify’s IP address in the “Website IP Address” section like the picture below.

If you want to get stores in your niche, (for example, paleo) use the “Full/Part Website Name” section (you can leave it blank).

Now you’ll get all the Shopify stores related to your niche ordered by popularity. Isn’t that awesome?

Shopify method


2. Check each store in your niche and consider buying one of their best-selling products if it fits your needs.

PRO TIP: To get the best sellers, add the following statement to the homepage URL: “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling

For example:

Shopify marketing

3. Write a short review or testimonial for the product.

4. Contact the store and tell them you just reviewed one of their products.

Also, make sure to introduce your website first and describe why their product fits perfectly for your audience.

5. Eventually, suggest to them that they might like to feature your testimonial in the product description. I recommend asking this in a second email if they didn’t feature it shortly after the first email.

Now, sit and relax while new readers flood your website.

2. Harness the Power of  Medium Guest Blogging

Raghav Haran in his post has shown the results of just a few posts on Medium:

medium marketing

If you were afraid of guest blogging, you’ll be glad to hear that guest blogging is now easier than ever before.

Thanks to Medium, you can easily get your content in front of thousands of targeted readers.


By reaching out to publications.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

First, go to Medium and create a nice professional looking profile.

To do this, look at how other writers designed their profile with a nice bio and clean picture.

Don’t forget to link to your website!

Then, search your niche keyword and select “Publications”

After that, look for two things:

  • Publications that seems to have more than one author.
  • Publications that have a decent number of followers.

Finally, reach out to those publications via their contact info and suggest to write an awesome article for them (It doesn’t have to be an A+ article).

You can use the following pitch strategies provided by Sue from successfulblogging.com:

PRO TIP: Use Rabbut.com to add a subscription box to your medium guest post:

rabbut medium

As you’ll see, guest blogging on Medium is one of the easiest, yet efficient ways to promote your content nowadays.

3. Reach Millions by Mentioning Influencers

Usually, influencers are the famous “experts” in your niche.

You’ve probably heard that influencer marketing is one of the most powerful promotion tactics.

Well, is it true?

GNC’s marketing team gave it a try, and the results speak for themselves:

Influence marketing

So, how can you get influencers to share YOUR content for free?

Here’s the step by step process:

1. Mention influencers in your content wherever it’s possible BUT make sure to keep it natural.

In other words:

Don’t do it just for the sake of getting a benefit. Instead, use it to add VALUE to your content.

For example:

You can use an influencer’s case study to prove an idea or use an influencer’s photo to explain your point better.

2. Link back to the influencers from your content.

3. Get the emails of the influencers with hunter.io or find them manually online.

4. Finally, right after you hit the “publish” button, email (or tweet) the influencers and let them know they have been featured on your website.

Make your message straight and to the point, keep in mind that they get hundreds of emails each day.

PRO TIP:  Before step #4, publish your content and make it password protected:

Influencers marketing


Now, email each one of the influencers and ask them politely to review your content. Don’t forget to attach the password you just set.

Then, when you get their response, continue with step #4 by sending a follow-up email.

5. Enjoy tons of targeted visitors from your influencers audience.

PRO TIP #2: You can use Twitter chats to outreach influencers effectively and then mention them in your content. A great example of this kind of post is the “Twitter Chat Recap” post by Jason Chow from WHSR.

BTW, later in this post, I’ll have another powerful “influencers tactic” to skyrocket your website traffic, so stay tuned.

4.  Write Informative & Fresh Blog Comments

Blog comments have been here for ages.

However, most people don’t know how to use them right… But! This can be easily changed.

Here’s the deal:

With a few easy tweaks, your comments can become a huge traffic source.

For example, Neil Patel generated $25,000 only with 249 Comments as described in his blog post:

Insane, right?! So, here’s how you can do too:

1. Find potential fresh targets:

Go to Buzzsumo and search for a topic in your niche, then select “Filter by date” (Preferably last 24 hours/week)

blog comments

Order the results by total shares:

2. Open each post, then skim through it and filter out non-relevant posts and spam websites.

3. To maximize the effectiveness of your comment, you should build it up like this:

Hey Sariel, [Refer to the author by name]
Awesome post! I Loved it. [Begin with a short compliment]
I used this method two months ago, and it produced more than 6542 new subscribers. While testing it out, I found that you can make it even more powerful when you combine it with Instagram traffic.  [Here’s the critical part of the comment. There’s only one rule here: ADD VALUE. You can do it in many different ways, like sharing experience, contribute an upgrade/twist to the method, ask question, etc]
I’m looking forward to reading more about this topic on your blog. [Eventually, you make a statement that you want a continuous “relationship” with the author. As a result, you’re opening doors for mutual traffic opportunities like guest blogging, mentions, shares, etc. 
P.S just shared this post with my friends. [Verify your relationship statement]

PRO TIP: before commenting, go through the following checklist:

  • Use your full name and a valid email address.
  • Set your real picture as the Gravatar image.
  • Don’t drop links in your comment.
  • Make it informative and succinct (less than 500 words).
  • Don’t repeat what the post just said.

5. Drive Targeted Traffic from Facebook Groups

It’s no secret that online communities are providing the most passionate audience.

Question is: Where can you find those communities?

Without a doubt: Facebook Groups. 

I tested out this tactic back in September, and the results were amazing:

2199 page views and $575 net profit of a brand new site in less than 24 hours!

Here’s how to use this tactic:

1. Find the Right Groups

Your first step is to find the right groups, so use Facebook’s search:

find facebook groups

Measure the group’s quality by three primary key criteria:

  • Active members
  • Detailed description
  • No spam

Usually, the best groups are private, so you’ll need to join them before measuring their quality.

However, you can pre-judge the group’s quality by the description:

If it contains rules and detailed information, it’s a good sign.

2. Engage

Before you begin to share your posts with the group, you need to establish trust. Hence, you’ll need to engage with the community on a regular basis.


Simply comment on other members’ posts, ask questions and share knowledge (still no links).

But, don’t overdo it, remember:

It’s about the quality of your engagement, not the quantity.

3. Befriend the Admins

I found this little “hack” very useful.

Find the group’s admins in the “Members” tab:

Facebook Group Admins

Then, spend some time to get to know them.

For example: send them a private “thank you” message or comment on their posts (using the blog comments method above).

PRO TIP: If the admin is a blog owner, share his content with his group, including a public “thank you” message. 

4. Share Your Content

I highly recommend doing the previous steps consistently for at least a week before publishing your content.

Then share your post and introduce your content by explaining why do you want to share it with the group.

Don’t overcomplicate things, just be 100% transparent with the other group members.

PRO TIP: Ask for feedback, ask their opinion about your content.

Another option is to ask the admin privately if it’ll be a good idea to share your post with the group.

6. Sharers Outreach Tactic

What if there was a way to reach out to anyone who shared content that’s extremely related to yours?

I have good news. There is.

With Buzzsumo, you can reach out to any valuable person in your niche quickly.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Buzzsumo and log-in (you’ll need the pro plan for this method).

2. Under the “Content Research” tab, enter your post topic and order by Twitter shares:

outreach to sharers

3. Next, click the “View Sharers” button for a relevant article:

outreach to sharers

4. On the left sidebar, do the following:

outreach to sharers

5. Now, export the results to your computer:

outreach to sharers

Then, find the contact info of each person on your list. You can speed up this process with hunter.io.

Finally, reach out to these people and let them know about your new content, they’ll love it!

7. Share Your Content with Snip.ly

Sharing other people’s content can add significant value to your posts.

But I’m not going to lie to you…

Sharing other people’s content can also bring unwanted results, like higher bounce rate.

However, with Snip.ly you can share people’s content while getting even more traffic.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to Snip.ly  and sign up for free.

2. Post the URL of the content you want to share (e.g., influencer’s article) in the tool:

Snip.ly guide

2. Customize your call to action with the editor:

Snip.ly guide

3. Create your snip and share it wherever you want (Social media/post/etc.)

Snip.ly guide

4. Now, whenever people are using this link, they will see the influencer’s content with a call to action button leading to your site:
Snip.ly guide

Moreover, with the basic paid plan of Sniply, you can use custom image ads and capture emails.

8. Quora On Steroids

Although Quora was launched eight years ago, it is still killing it as a source of both short and long term traffic.

Daniel Ndukwu from iaexperiment.com tried Quora for 30 days and here are the results:

Over 400% jump in traffic in just 30 days!

Despite these facts, people still underestimate Quora’s power, only because they don’t know how to use it effectively.

But not in your case.

Here’s how to generate traffic with Quora:

1. Create A Mind-Blowing Profile 

Start by creating a killer profile headline that briefly explains what your expertise is.

Then, write a short, succinct bio. I suggest using bulleted lists.

Next, drop links to your website and your social profiles.

Check out the example below:

Quora profile

2. Find the RIGHT Questions

Choosing the right questions to answer is one of the most important steps in this process.

Here are the indicators of a good question:

  • Minimum of 50 followers
  • Less than 20 answers
  • Age of the question (Not too old)
  • Total views

PRO TIP: Besides the total views, check out the views of each answer, as if the recent answers are getting views too, it’s a good sign.

3. Answer questions. (the right way) 

You don’t have to be a legendary writer to attract views; you’ll get better and better with time.


You do need to craft your answers well to have a better chance to be viewed.

Use the following tactics:

  • Tell stories (Better personal)
  • Use lists (Yeah, just like this one)
  • Use pictures

You can use one of them, or the three combined to get the most out of your answer.

9. Drive High-Quality Traffic with Roundup Posts

Roundup posts are extremely effective.

In fact:

It’s one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

As a result, you’ll attract loyal followers, high-quality traffic and valuable connections with influencers.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your post topic, make sure it’s a topic that your influencers usually write about.

2. Go to ninjaoutreach.com and search for content under your topic:ninjaoutreach

3. Add influencers to your outreach list:

ninjaoutreach guide

4. Craft an original question about your topic that is intended for these influencers.

Don’t ask: “What are your best marketing tips?” Instead, ask a unique and specific question.

5. Go to “Outreach Mode” and send it to your influencers.

6. When you get their response, write a roundup post using their answers and tips.

PRO TIP: Reply with a “thank you” message and tell them that you’ll notify them when you publish the post.

7. When you publish your post, reach out to the influencers again and let them know about that.

Also, ask them nicely to share it with their audience.

10. Use SNAP and thank me later

You’ve probably heard this before:

“To get traffic, share your content on every social platform out there…”

Even if it’s true, sometimes, for me, it’s a boring and time-consuming task.

If you’re like me, you’ll be glad to know that with SNAP you can share your content on up to 22 platforms with one click.

Here’s how:

1. Install the WordPress plugin from here.

2. Edit the plugin settings:

snap plugin

They have plenty of options and brilliant mass sharing features.

3. Share your post and enjoy a consistent stream of traffic from all over the media.

Congratulations, you just saved three hours of tedious social sharing.

Get yourself an ice cream.

11. Forum Marketing (Still Alive and Kicking)

Forum marketing is simple:

Engage with the forum members, and consequently earn a massive stream of targeted visitors.


Follow the steps below:

1. Find the right forums

Run a Google search for forums in your niche:

Forum marketing

Check if:

  • The forum is active (recent posts date)
  • Have decent number of members
  • Spam free

2. Create a Compelling Profile

As shown above (on Quora), create a detailed profile with your real picture and name.

That way, you establish credibility on the forum.

3. Provide value to the forum

Before placing any links, spend some time to provide value to the forum.

To be practical:

Write at least 2-3 useful threads and 20-30 helpful comments.

4. Edit your signature

I once heard: “When it comes to forum marketing, your signature is your salesman.”

And it’s true. Why?

Because people will see your signature under any of your posts, and therefore, it’s exactly where your link is going to be.

So, go to your signature settings under your profile settings:


Then place your link in the signature:

forum signature

PRO TIP: As shown in the picture above, link to a specific article and attract clicks with a killer headline.

Eventually, keep posting in the forum at least twice a week and enjoy your new traffic source.

12. Convert Your Content into a Slide Deck

Slideshare is a large platform for publishing presentations online.

To be precise:

According to SimilarWeb, as of January 2017, it had over 130 million visits:
Slideshare marketing

Marketing potential? Hell yeah!

Ana Hoffman from trafficgenerationcafe.com generated 240,000 views in 30 days:

Slideshare marketing

Here’s how you will achieve the same:

1. Open PowerPoint / Keynote and create slides summarizing key points from your content.

2. IMPORTANT: put some effort into your design, get free HD images from Pixabay. Also, check out popular presentations to get an idea of how your work should look.

3. Link back to your website in your last slide.

4. Use your keywords properly:

Slideshare marketing guide

5. Promote your slides with your other social platforms.

PRO TIP: The best time to upload your presentation is at 3 pm EDT (11 pm EST)

13. Easy Pinterest Traffic (Repurposing Content)

Pinterest can be a killer traffic source when it comes to the right niches.

For example, here’s the monthly traffic of the food blog pinchofyum.com:

pinterest marketing

(Yeah, it’s 572,314 in one month!)

You see, while it’ll take some time to get these high numbers, it’s still possible.

Fortunately, I found a tactic to speed up this process.

The best part?

You don’t need to create any new content to use it.

Here’s how it works: 

1. Find your best-performing post via Google Analytics.

2. Write down (in short) the key points of your post.

3. Go to Canva and click the “more…” button in the right:

pinterest on canva

Then, scroll down and select the “Infographic” design:
repurposing content with canva

4. Create a mini infographic by placing your key points (You don’t have to be a designer to do this).

Go and select a layout from the left sidebar, then, replace the text and use some pre-made graphics:

canva inforgrpahic

PRO TIP: Submit your infographic to high-quality infographic directories. You can find some in Jason’s guide here.

5. Share your infographic with your Pinterest audience.

6. IMPORTANT: Use Tailwind App to boost your Pinterest traffic (while saving precious time).


14. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a platform that people use to curate content around the web to a personal magazine-style page.

Some of those pages are getting thousands of views, and therefore you can leverage them to create a great traffic source.

Here’s how:

First, search for your topic and select the “topics” tab:

scoop.it guide

Then, pick a relevant page with a decent amount of views:
scoop.it guide

Now, paste your content to the “suggest” box and send it:

Eventually, contact the page owner and let him know about your suggestion:

(Also, use it on pages that have canceled the “suggest” feature.)

That’s it, quick and easy.

15. Google Plus Communities Promotion

Compared to other online groups, Google plus communities are BIG. (yet, underrated)

In fact:

You can find communities with over 300,000 members like this one:

Google plus communities marketing

By leveraging these groups, Azfar Hisham from seopressor.com increased his website traffic by 655% in only 3 months:

With this in mind, here’s how to use Google plus communities for traffic:

1. Create a decent google plus profile (Picture, details, etc.. you know)

2. Search for content in your field:

Google plus communities marketing

3. Click the communities “More” button:

Google plus communities marketing

4. Before joining, explore the community’s potential: read their rules, check if there’s spam (bad sign, leave!) and notice what type of content people are publishing there.

5. After joining, start to engage with the community: Introduce yourself, ask questions, +1 posts, and answer people’s questions. (Still, no links)

6. Now go and share your content. Here’s how Azfar did it:

7. Repeat.

16. Short Skype Interviews with Influencers

You might think to yourself:

“Skype interviewing is overkill for getting website traffic”, but the truth is, that it can be one of your “life changing” tactics.


Because when you publish an interview with an expert, it immediately places YOU as an expert in your niche.

And consequently, it will result not only in more traffic but also in a bunch of backlinks and shares.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

1. Find an influencer in your field.

2. Get his email address.

3. Reach out to the influencer by email and ask him about an interview. You can use this template:

Hey [First Name],
Hope you’re doing well. I really enjoyed your post: [Post link related to your topic].
I’m just reaching out to say that I’d be glad to do a quick Skype interview with you about [Very specific topic].
My audience [you can mention the number of your readers] would love to watch it.
Do you have a few minutes to talk this week?
If so, let me know.

[Your Name]

4. Prepare a pre-made question list, be short and to the point.

5. Record your interview. Check out this post about Skype video recording.

6. Edit and publish the video.

Right after you have posted the video, tweet or email the influencer so he will share it too.

17. Get Noticed With Triberr

Triberr is a platform where bloggers connect with other bloggers to promote each other.

The best way to establish a valuable traffic source with Triberr is to create your tribe.

It’s easy, here’s how:

1. Login to Triberr using one of your social accounts.

2. Create a nice-looking profile and connect your blog to it.

3. Go to the “Tribes” tab, select “My Tribes” and Click “New Tribe”:

Marketing with triberr

3. Give your tribe a relevant name and then write a short description (in “Settings”)

4. Now, search for other tribes in your niche and select the “Members” section:

Marketing with triberr

5. Then, go to other bloggers’ profiles (preferably the ones with the highest reach) and invite them to join your tribe:

Marketing with triberr

PRO TIP: Reach out to these bloggers privately by email or social account, then introduce yourself and mention why you want them in your new tribe.

6. Engage with the community consistently: join to other tribes, comment, share and follow relevant bloggers

Within time, you will see more and more Twitter referral traffic.

The Most Important Step to Increase Your Website Traffic

Now, your next step is to put these powerful tactics into action. 

To do so, I highly recommend using the free PDF I created for this post.

The PDF also includes an extra exclusive bonus tactic that I didn’t mention in this post.

Click the image below to download your free PDF now:

Have you tried any of these tactics before? What results did you get? Let me know in the comments!


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